Supporting Agricultute is Guarding Your Lives!

All Our ACTs are For the Customers’ Smile

president When I started a job to provide agricultural facilities for farmers, the construction industry in Japan had a tendency to look down on those facilities. This is probably because of many public constructions carried out at the time. Those public constructions provided so many demands to the construction companies that they did not have to think about building agricultural facilities. Indeed, I have to admit that cheap and nasty agriculture facilities were commonly seen before the establishment of ACT.

I, of course, never look down on any agricultural facilities, because agriculture sustains foods and lives. Thus I decided to support agriculture, and ACT has been striving to become a prominent and respected company.

Our efforts are not only for high-quality products but also for dealing with environmental pollution. We have been developing new techniques of advanced composting processes, parlor wastewater treatment systems, vehicle disinfectors and so on. Especially, as for the water treatment systems, we had a difficult issue to be solved. I was surprised when a person, who was trying to sell a water purification tank, said, "You never can get clean water if you mix it with milk". I doubted the truth of his words, and then ACT started development of the parlor wastewater treatment system.

Eventually, after several years of collaboration with research institutions, we succeeded to bring out the system into the world. The system won the "Award For New Technologies And Products" from The Resona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion in May 2011.

But it was not our final destination for the development. We also brought out a vehicle disinfector system that can be used even in winter period of Hokkaido, or at temperatures as low as -35 degrees centigrade. This system is effective for preventing diseases of animals and plants, such as foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu, cyst nematode etc.

We do not want to lose in the field of developing new facilities useful for agriculture in Hokkaido. We will find solutions for issues of motivated farmers. ACT’s watchword is "All our acts are for making the customers smile", and we believe the word "Farming is a Noble Profession". Regarding these words as guiding principle of us, all the ACT staff will offer all-around service to the customers.

signature Hiroshi Uchiumi, President of ACT